Announcement of Mediation Services – C. Scott Kee

Scott KeeAs an attorney, Scott Kee has spent thousands of hours litigating disputes on behalf of clients throughout courts in Western Washington. Scott has also spent hundreds of hours serving as both a Judge Pro Tempore and Arbitrator, charged with presiding over cases and rendering the ultimate decision.

Over the past few years, many colleagues have asked Scott to serve as a mediator, and help clients resolve disputes through an agreed upon settlement, mitigating the stress and costs associated with litigation.

Scott is pleased to announce that he has recently extended his practice to offer services as a mediator. You can check out Scott’s bio here.

As an added incentive, Scott includes an hour of preparation at no cost, and does not charge for travel. In addition, while Scott is willing to mediate in any forum selected by the parties, his office can accommodate most mediations if desired. If you believe Scott can provide assistance to you and your clients, please contact Scott at or 360-866-4000.


Scott’s broad experience with virtually every type of civil claim has instilled a belief that the most efficient result for parties is frequently found by creating a solution wherein a dispute is resolved short of litigation, thereby allowing the parties to reach an agreed upon resolution.

Scott appreciates mediation is generally the most efficient way to accomplish this objective, so Scott encourages clients to mediate their disputes, while also serving as a mediator to assist other parties in reaching a resolution.

Scott believes mediation is an effective, and efficient, way to resolve disputes. Mediation often saves the parties months of turmoil, thousands of dollars in expenses, and also affords the parties the opportunity to settle upon mutually agreeable terms.

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