Criminal Defense

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You are innocent until proven guilty, even when charged with crimes like homicide, sex offenses or white collar crimes, where you risk judgment in the court of public opinion.  Budd Bay Law, P.S. safeguards clients’ rights through the entire criminal process, for cases including:

  • Theft and Property Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Drug Offenses
  • Sex Offenses
  • Homicide
  • White Collar Crimes

The criminal process typically starts with a stop or an arrest and being taken into custody. The officer reads your Miranda Rights (the right to remain silent and the right to representation by an attorney). You may be released or held until your court date or arraignment. The judge reads the charges at the arraignment and asks you to plead guilty or not guilty. If you are in custody, the judge sets bail. If you plead not guilty, the preliminary hearing is scheduled. At this hearing, the prosecution tries to convince the judge that there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. The plaintiff and the defendant present their versions of the crime to the jury during the trial. The criminal process ends if you are found not guilty. If the jury finds you guilty, you proceed to sentencing.

Qualified attorneys make the difference

If you are arrested and charged with a crime, no matter what the offense, contact an attorney before talking to anyone else. Things that you say, even claims of innocence or otherwise seemingly harmless statements, can be used against you later. This includes not only the police and prosecutors, but also other inmates in the holding cell, family and friends, a bonding company and others. As the police are experts at this tactic, your statements only help them build their case against you. Budd Bay Law, P.S. can help you from the very start, arranging for bail or your release from custody. Making sure your rights are protected throughout the process, we work to get the best possible result available in your situation.  That can mean having the charges dropped and the case dismissed, winning an acquittal at trial, or obtaining a deferred prosecution or alternative sentencing that avoids jail time or other harsh punishment. We have successfully defended clients facing criminal charges ranging from misdemeanor theft and property crimes to drug offenses, homicide, and other serious felonies.

Call our respected Washington criminal defense attorneys for help

Our criminal defense team has handled hundreds of felony trials and garnered an excellent reputation for providing strong and effective defense. If you have been arrested and charged with a serious felony or other crime in Thurston County or surrounding communities, contact Budd Bay Law, P.S. for immediate assistance.

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