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Effective Representation in Olympia, Washington

We focus our practice primarily in the following areas:

  • Personal injury. Personal injury law enables victims of accidents and other injuries to recover compensation for damages caused by another’s negligence or wrongdoing. In most cases we can reach fair settlements outside of court.   
  • Criminal defense. The prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case. Anyone accused of a crime has the right to a lawyer and a fair trial. A criminal defense lawyer protects the defendant’s rights, gathers evidence to convince the jury of the defendant’s innocence and devises effective case strategies to achieve a favorable outcome.
  • Wills & trusts. Wills and trusts are estate planning tools used to preserve assets so you can pass them on to beneficiaries. Minimizing taxation, avoiding probate and addressing other legal factors is vital for leaving a legacy. Estate planning must also include planning for incapacity through legal instruments such as advance healthcare directives, a durable power of attorney and succession planning, when family businesses are a factor.
  • Business law. Choosing the right business entity is vital for fostering profitability and business expansion. Aside from assisting business owners with formation, business lawyers also help companies protect their interests and ensure their transactions are sound. In the event of a business dispute over a breach of contract or tort, skilled representation is necessary to resolve issues, whether through alternative dispute resolution techniques or litigation.
  • Family law. Family law addresses legal matters associated with divorce ― including child custody, child support, property division, spousal maintenance and subsequent modification and enforcement of related orders. However, laws addressing the dynamics of family are also much broader. Clients may need assistance with issues involving paternity, adoption, parental rights, dependency, non-parental custody petitions, domestic partnerships and prenuptial agreements.

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Our attorneys at Budd Bay Law, P.S. serve clients in Thurston, Lewis, Mason, Pierce and Grays Harbor counties and throughout Washington in a diverse number of practice areas. Call(360) 866-4000 or contact our firm online for assistance with your legal needs.

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