Common Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries

An auto accident is often a very traumatic event. Occupants of a vehicle can suffer a variety of injuries that may, or may not, be apparent immediately after the automobile accident. We’ve compiled a list of some injuries that may be present after you’re involved in an auto accident. Injured parties should always engage in continuous consultation with medical provider(s) to ensure appropriate treatment is received.

Neck and back

As a result of a sudden stop or acceleration, the neck may stretch and quickly snap back into place. This is known as whiplash. It is the most common injury suffered in auto accidents. Whiplash can damage the vertebrae, ligaments or disks, or the spinal cord itself, in the neck and back, potentially causing long term loss of function in one or more limbs or larger portions of the body.


Impact caused during a collision can break ribs, the clavicle and/or the sternum. While the severity of chest injuries has been greatly reduced by airbags in dashboards and steering wheels, fractures and injuries to organs still may occur.

Cranium injuries

A car accident can result in a multitude of head injuries, including traumatic brain injury. This can occur when the head is shaken, or if the head impacts a fixed object during the accident. Symptoms may present as mild, like a concussion that can heal on its own, or may be more severe, such as an injury that impairs critical functions such as speech, vision, concentration, memory and emotional control.

Diaphragm rupture

A diaphragm rupture is a tear of the muscle across the bottom of the rib cage, often caused by blunt or penetrating trauma to the trunk or lower chest. The diaphragm is crucial to respiration.


Internal organs may suffer from compression injuries during the impact of a car accident. Internal organs such as the liver or kidneys are commonly injured in front and side during an automobile collision. Also, the pelvis and/or hips may be injured during the collision.

Leg, knee and foot

Most leg and knee personal injuries occur when limbs impact part of the car. The injuries can include bruises, sprains or fractures. Joints such as knees and ankles can easily be strained, sprained or broken.

In Closing

Once again, it is imperative that an individual who suffers personal injury in an automobile accident seek timely and appropriate treatment for all injuries so that a full recovery can be achieved.

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