Eric Pilon

Everybody deserves somebody in their corner… somebody to advocate for them.”

Eric Pilon focuses on maintaining a client-centered practice, where clients are not only heard but also prioritized and validated. His foremost role is to serve as your advocate.

Eric is widely recognized as the preeminent trial attorney in Thurston County and its surrounding areas. His stellar reputation is built upon an impressive track record in defending clients against charges of murder, homicide, sex offenses, and vehicular homicides.

During his second year of law school, he volunteered at a public defender’s officer and loved it. He started his legal career doing public defense in juvenile court, then spent 16 years as a public defender in Thurston County for felonies, DUIs, and sex offenses before joining Budd Bay Law in 2022. Eric has taught continuing education courses in trial defense and strategy, sentencing mitigation, and negotiation.

Eric has remained committed to criminal defense for decades because he firmly believes that everybody deserves somebody in their corner. His success is rooted in his genuine passion for helping people he cares about. Eric is dedicated to achieving an outcome where all parties walk away satisfied.

Representative Cases

In 2015, the Washington State Patrol initiated the “Net Nanny” program. These operations resulted in the conviction of 30-40 sexual predators at a time. For years, they maintained a 100% conviction rate. No defense attorney had ever secured a victory in trial until Eric Pilon became the first attorney in the state to achieve this milestone. He also marked history with the first “Net Nanny” case resulting in a hung jury.



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