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Our Blog will provide some helpful resources on what you might be able to do in cases adjacent to our practice areas.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

An auto accident is often a very traumatic event. Occupants of a vehicle can suffer a variety of injuries that may, or may not, be apparent immediately after the automobile accident. We’ve compiled a list of some injuries that may be present after...
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Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Another Avenue for Obtaining Maximum Recovery in Personal Injury Claims. The attorneys at Rodgers Kee Card & Strophy, P.S. are dedicated to zealously seeking maximum recovery for individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents. One of the primary ways...
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Fresh Start: Removing Your Criminal History in Washington

The Difference between Vacating, Sealing, and Deleting NonConviction Data from Your Record Expunging your record (deleting non-conviction data) My previous clients often contact me and want to “expunge” their criminal record.  The correct terminology...
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