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Should I file for legal separation or divorce in Washington State?

A common question I am asked during an initial consultation with a new client is whether they should file for legal separation or divorce.  For most people, divorce is the better option.  One thing I always tell clients I cannot advise them on is if...
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How much time and effort does it take to make a Last Will and Testament?

This is one of the most common questions asked by my clients who are planning their estate. The answer is “yes.” You do need one or the other(unless you want the State of Washington to dictate what happens with your property). A properly planned...
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Property Rights in Washington – Do I need a Landscaper or a Lawyer?

The maxim that "a man's home is his castle" has deep roots in the Anglo-American legal tradition. The home's privileged legal status is traditionally derived from the sanctity of private property, and applied to a person in his own home. Many considered...
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Discrimination Law in Washington – At will to Discriminate?

Generally speaking, the State of Washington is an at-will employment state. In the most basic form, at will employment means either the employer or employee can terminate the employment relationship for any reason, without many repercussions. However,...
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